The Georgia Apartment Association Foundation (GAAF) is a 510(c)(3) organization that promotes careers within the apartment industry. Through partnerships like Atlanta’s Funniest Apartment Professional, GAAF supports and funds the following programs:

NEW Service Training Academy

Students and “Career Changers” touched by our outreach programs can now enroll in our Service Training Academy, which provides 4 industry certifications at no cost to the student (CAMT, CPO, R410a, EPA). Once these students are trained at our Professional Development Center, they will be turned over to our members for employment!

High Schools

GAAF will work with high schools that have related pathways to promote Residential Property Management. Examples include providing teaching materials, subject matter experts and case studies.

Career Academies

Within the Career Academy Network, GAAF will participate in career expos and guest lectures to provide advisory support, job shadowing opportunities, work based learning, apprenticeships and part-time employment.

Technical Colleges

Target areas include career academies and technical colleges in proximity to GAA affiliate associations, including Chattahoochee Tech, Georgia Piedmont Tech, Athens Tech, Savannah Tech and Columbus Tech.

Four Year Colleges and Universities

GAAF will support the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State University by participating in teaching courses, providing guest lectures, hosting career fairs and special events.

Workforce Development Programs

GAAF will partner with workforce organizations to promote career opportunities. Activities include hosting industry spotlight events and mini-workshops related to skill based training.”


Lisa Russo is the Workforce Development Manager at the Atlanta Apartment Association and currently runs the Georgia Apartment Association Foundation (GAAF) and Service Training Academy, which focuses on creating a pipeline of talent within the multifamily industry. During her work with GAAF, Lisa has been recognized as a strategic partner by the Georgia Department of Education, workforce organizations and career readiness programs. She currently serves as President of the Clayton County School District’s Business Advisory Board and is an active member of several additional county boards across the state of Georgia.

Lisa was a student athlete and graduated with honors from the University of Missouri, where she studied Psychology and Human Development. She began her career at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where she was a counselor for the patients and families battling sickle cell disease and cancer. Her career change taught her the importance of transferable skills and sparked her passion for educating others on the importance of seeing their potential. In addition to mentoring and developing students, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband, son and chocolate lab, Ranger.

Contact Information:
8601 Dunwoody Pl
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770-518-4248 ex. 224

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