Ticket – Special Packages

Special Package Pricing

Show Only Ticket: $85

  • Show Only
  • No food or beverage with this ticket
  • Valid for General Admission seats only, not tables
  • Doors open at 7:30 for these tickets
  • Cash bar available

Key Info

· Saturday February 10, 2018

· The Fox Theatre – Egyptian Ballroom & Grand Salon

· Fundraiser for Georgia Apartment Industry Education Foundation

· Benefits of sponsorship begin immediately with interactions at all levels of the management company you sponsor

Management companies with a participating contestant:

· Atlantic Pacific (Property Mgr)

· Cortland (Training Mgr)

· First Communities (VP)

· SMP (Regional Mgr)

· Westdale (Assistant Mgr)

· Steadfast (Leasing Agent)

· Tribridge (RVP)

· Integral (Property Manager)

· Matrix (Director of Prop Mgt)